Big Data Analytics and Visualization

Supporting Public Sector Analytics

Although it is large, unstructured and complex, big data plays a big role in state and local government decision making. When agencies can effectively tap into big data, it helps them mitigate issues such as fraud and waste, increase operational efficiency and improve service delivery. However, big data is constantly evolving and growing, which requires a flexible, open infrastructure that allows governments to quickly deploy new solutions and unlock needed insights. BLUE RIDGE can help agencies access valuable data for quick decision-making by building a faster, stronger, more secure infrastructure.

BLUE RIDGE’s  solutions provide a foundation that integrates multiple data sources and can transition workloads across on-premises and cloud platforms. BLUE RIDGE’s  solutions are cost effective and can be customized to meet the needs of individual agencies.

We aim to transform data into innovative analytic and visualization solutions and can help our customers identify and act on information to support their mission. Our experienced business intelligence developers, data analysts and statisticians support our customers with the highest quality analytics today that empowers them to take raw data and make mission critical decisions. Also with BLUE RIDGE TECHNOLOGIES you know you will always get objective guidance on best practices as the company is a leading or premier partner with established and emerging business intelligence and analytics platforms. The company can provide your organization with a range of Analytics & Visualization Services.

Service Abilities

  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • GIS Mapping Solutions
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data & Text Mining
  • Fraud Prevention Modeling
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Statistical Modeling & Validation
  • Open & All Source Intelligence